This Library is for Learning

This site offers a menu of options for collaborating with librarians to create learning opportunities for students at Gustavus Adolphus College. (If you’re looking for the library’s actual website, it’s at

This menu lays out ideas for FTS WRIT courses (appetizers), ideas for the major and WRITD courses (entrees), and ideas for WRITL course (to go). A la carte and specials showcase other ways the library can support student learning and your teaching.

The library has always seen supporting student learning as its primary function. That’s reflected in the ways we make changes to spaces in our building, how we tweak our website, and how we work with students one-and-one and through their courses. Faculty in the disciplines, particularly in the major, have the most significant influence on how students perceive and create knowledge –  what we call information literacy – but the library faculty feel our role is to foster conversations about how best to build those skills and habits of mind across four years. Like Writing Across the Curriculum, this is a collective effort, but it’s one for which we feel a special responsibility.

Information literacy means understanding how information in its many forms is produced and circulated, how to interrogate it critically, and how to create new meaning ethically and with integrity.

In this fraught era of disinformation campaigns, polarization, and manufactured distrust of institutions, information literacy is more essential than ever. Thus we offer some ideas for your courses at different stages of student development.

The contents of this website may be reused and remixed. The header image (under a CC-BY 2.0 license) was taken by Kate Ter Haar.