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When students arrive at Gustavus, they need to become familiar with the campus and with being college students. Once they choose a major or two, they learn how a disciplinary community approaches ideas. But they need to know more than that.

As free human beings living in a complex and conflicted world, students need to have some basic understanding of how information works beyond the academy, whether it’s what news sources to trust, what challenges new media channels present to social cohesion, or how to continue to learn independently and participate in civic life. We want to prepare students to:

  • be able to distinguish in very general terms types of information sources, e.g. news reporting, opinion, satire, advertising, research, etc.
  • be able to distinguish claims of fact from statements of opinion and quickly assess validity
  • be able to analyze arguments and the evidence they use
  • value evidence-based reasoning in all forms of argument
  • be disposed to inquire ethically and honestly

The ideas in this section are intended to help students for life beyond college.